Smelling Flowers In The Rain

Those who think 2030 will be Orwellian will wince when they see 2040 portrayed in the dystopian sc-fi movie Smelling Flowers In The Rain.
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The Journey So Far

It has been quite a journey from the spark of an idea to the creation of a movie. It all started in May 2023 when we decided the seed planted in our minds needed to be brought to fruition so pen went to paper and mouse to screen.

It has been non-stop since then. You see, Spy My Studio is only 2 people; a screenwriter and an animator. Because the movie is being created in Blender there is no short cuts using AI. Every scene and every character has been meticulously curated to reflect the direction and tone of the screenplay.

Smelling Flowers In The Rain took five months to complete the screenplay. 25th October 2023 was an important date because this was the day we received in the post the hard copy of the copyright certificate from the U.S. Copyright Office.

As of writing this article; It is now mid-November and the three locations have been built, the characters have been created and rigged, but most importantly, animation has started.

Tentative Release Plan

Scheduled premier of Smelling Flowers In The Rain is Q4 2024

  • Mid January: First trailer release (Welcome To Thraldom - AI Cares Not Who Hears You Scream)
  • Mid March: Second trailer release (Meet The Plutocrats - AGI is coming to town)
  • Late June: Third trailer release (The Terrorists of TeraiGaia - one mans terrorist is another mans farmer)
  • Early Oct: Fourth trailer release (clips from the actual movie)
  • December: Premier of Smelling Flowers In The Rain

Smelling Flowers In The Rain - SYNOPSIS

Smelling Flowers In The Rain - No path to emancipation is ever easy

Smelling Flowers In The Rain is a Sci-fi movie set in 2040 that visualises both the Dystopian and the Utopian possibilities that lie on the road ahead.

The story explores the rise of an extraordinary young man (Flynn Faroe) amidst a background of repulsive realities and raw repression that leaves him no alternative than to rise up and revolt.

No path to emancipation is ever easy, it’s built on the bones of the brave and the bold. Flynn Faroe dreams of utopia but lives in dystopia, something has to give, and it will.

He gets his kicks from downing drones and bashing bots. It is a spontaneous naive reaction to his cards of life. Just when he thought life could not get any worse, it does as he becomes an unwitting victim of the tongue of treachery.

Flynn Faroe has a choice, get out of Thraldom or face a fate far worse than death. But how to escape from the most surveilled confinement city in the empire?

His face adorns electronic billboards across a city where many would gleefully turn his carcass in for less than the price of a chemical coffee. Few could remember a manhunt of this intensity.

The stakes are high. His antagonist, the sinister Chief AGI who was programmed by a sadist, is chomping at the bit to get him strapped into his dreaded interrogation chair.

Infamy has a price to pay. It also opens unexpected doors that lead to unimaginable outcomes .. and Melissa Moore.

In a plot with more twists than a hangman's noose, the protagonist navigates an uphill battle against all the odds to finally discover a Utopia actually exists but its days are numbered, unless ........

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