Spy My Animation Studio

Spy My Studio is an independent animation studio based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We are a full turn-key studio who create everything from screenplays to background music to 3D animated characters and scenes.

Fidelis City Spotlight


Blender is our tool of choice for animated films, visual effects and video editing. Whether it be compositing, raster graphics editing, particle simulation, rigging and skinning we use this highly versatile 3D computer graphics software tool set to render our final output.


All our screenwriting is done in-house. We use registered copyright to protect our screenplays prior to infusing the verbalised script into the movie. Narrative development, dialogue and delivery all come under the scope of our innovative screenwriters.

Musical Score

Background music is currently done in collaboration with industry partners who specialise in the creation and development of music that has screen impact and fully enhances the dramatic narrative.

Upcoming Productions

Thraldom Street Render

Smelling Flowers In The Rain

Both the first and second trailers have been released. Third trailer coming soon. This sci-fi movie explores the dystopian and utopian possibilities that lay ahead.

Terraced House exterior design

Real Estate

Spy My Studio is branching out into real estate architectural design. We are creating a range of concept houses that will be visualised through an animated tour of each property.

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