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Discover real estate architectural design visualised through an animated tour of each property

Terraced House Render

Real Estate Conceptualised Through Animation

In an exciting development, Spy My Studio is branching out into real estate architectural design.
We are creating a range of concept houses that will be visualised through an animated tour of each property.

These are our own designs created in Blender and definitely not using AI. They are scaled-down blueprints of how these houses could actually be built.

Designs By Rafael

Terraced House Living Room Design

Five Bedroom Three Storey Terrace House

Take a luxurious animated tour through a 3 storey 5 bedroom 4 bathroom terraced house showcasing a unique concept design.

Terraced House master bedroom

Six Bedrooms Two Storey Detached House

This design is in the process of being completed. Target publication date late May 2024, stay tuned for a Mediterranean style concept house.

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