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Flynn Faroe Smelling Flowers In The RainHave you thought about supporting the creative instinct of an up-and-coming independent film maker?

When you support creatives for screenplays, animation and cinematography, you are fertilizing the seeds of movie magic that will come to fruition on-screen.

Pre-release donations would be highly appreciated, hence I have listed below how your generous donation will support the following:

  1. Production costs - Soundtrack, voice, animating, editing and storyboarding: $15,000
  2. Marketing budget - Budget to promote Smelling Flowers In The Rain: $20,000
  3. Production Support - For the sequel to Smelling Flowers In The Rain! $40,000
  4. Upgrade of technology - Current computer config limits creative output, there is a GPU bottleneck that compromises render speeds and quality of output. A major computer upgrade is required: $9,000

Current Config

Name Description
CPU Ryzen 7 5800X
GPU RTX 3050
RAM 64Gb
Cooling System Liquid cooling basic
Monitor MSI Optix G27C7

Required Config

Name Description
CPU Ryzen 9 7950x3d
GPU RTX 4090
RAM 128Gb
Cooling System Custom water cooling system
Monitor LG 34" 34WR50QC

5. After its release, if you enjoyed the movie Smelling Flowers In The Rain, please consider a small donation to fund the creative flow of Spy My Studio. It can be less than the cost of a cinema ticket, every dollar counts :-)

Join us in our passion to create, collaborate & tell stories which are emotive, engaging, entertaining and above all thought provoking.

An Example For Point No 4

A 3 minute render takes between 6 and 8 hours, meaning it has to be done overnight. Only after wake up the next day do we discover if the render was good, if not it has to be fixed and wait for nightfall to render again. This is too time consuming. A major computer upgrade with 2 high spec machines; the existing one for creation and one for rendering animations whenever they are ready. This is the optimal way to maximise output.

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